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Disney Swinger Bash | Shendude | 5


Aladdin grinned. Demona may not have been human, but it didn't make her any less gorgeous.

"I'll be happy to," he said.

Demona gave him a seductive smirk. "I'm glad you feel that way."

With lightning speed, she pounced on him. With her eyes glowing red, she shredded his clothes and knocked him on the ground.

Aladdin had only a moment to catch his breath before she mounted him, her warm, wet pussy enveloping his rampaging cock. She pressed her lips against his, and her tongue snaked into his mouth, and her full breasts were crushed against his musuclar chest.

As her pussy muscles milked him, she shifted in a way that made him yowl with pleasure. She broke their passionate kiss to begin leaving a trail of licks, kisses and nibbles all over his body, while her hands caressed him all over. It wasn't long before he came

Aladdin was astounded. Jasmine had been well-trained in the arts of pleasure, but even she hadn't been able to play him like harp the way Demona was.

"That, that was amazing! How..."

Demona grinned.

"I'm over a thousand, boy, I've learend a thing or two. And my connection to MacBeth lets me know exactly what men want. Care for another go?"

Aladdin nodded vigrously. He had more than enough stamina to keep going, and there was no way he was going to turn down sex like that.

Demona's grin widened, and began to pump and down on his rapidly rehardening rod. Suddenly, there was a loud exclamation.


Demona looked up, and was confronted by the sight of her beloved daughter Angela and and her hated rival Elisa Maza. Angela was naked, and Elisa wore only her trademark red jacket.

Angela looked shocked, but Elisa looked smug.

"And you complain about me and Goliath," Elisa said, smirking. "Ha!"


How does Demona react?


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