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A Boy at a Strict Girls School | kendahl6969 | 7


For the second time today, a sharp compression of the delicate skin on your newly-re-covered buttocks gets your attention. The owner of those two pinching fingers is once again . Gone is the wicked smile from earlier today when you re-focus your attention on her Nordic features.

"Did you not understand me the first time, Virgin?" she asks in a cool even tone as the onlooking coeds start to form a circle around you both as she remains seated before you on the bench.

The girls giggle as you get red-faced.

"I'm not a virgin!" you manage to stammer out as the closing circle blocks any view of the proceedings from the outside world.

"All first-years here are Virgins," says one of the circled five matter-of-factly from behind you in a soft voice.

appears to ignore all output from the assembled five and pinches you again on the bum. "I said, 'Down with the trousers!' "

You still stand before her, hands still at your elastic waistband. Your lips move, but no sound issues forth.

"Not very authoritative for a Head Girl, !" says a brunette snottily.

You see the pretty blonde is clearly irritated by the comment, throwing daggers with her clear blue eyes at the girl before her. As you scan more than the short hemlines of the three before you, you realize these are the newly appointed Prefects under . You can tell she does not like her authority being questioned. This can not bode well for you.


What does she do?


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