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Clash of the teen titans | Shendude | 11


The backrub seemed to soothe Starfire, and she began taking more of you into her. As she did, she began getting in to it, making little squeaks of pleasure as you thrust into her, and she began using her ass muscles to milk your cock. She turned her head to look at you.

"I am doing well, darling Slornf'bri?"

"Hell, yeah!"

She seemed pleased by the response and intensified her pace, quickly making you cum, something which caused her to orgasm as well. She got up and cleaned you off. If she was in any way bothered by putting something that had just been up her ass in her mouth, she didn't show it. She lay down next to you, and you began to cuddle. She started teaching you the Tamaranean words for different kinds of Slorn, and you helped her learn their names in english. However, one of them didn't make any sense to you.

"Okay, I don't understand Slornd'ka. Could you explain it again?"

Starfire smiled. "I will show you instead."

She leaned over and kissed you. Suddenly, you found yourself disembodied, seemingly somewhere else entirely: a large hall on Starfire's homeworld of Tamaran, where a dozen Tamaraneans where eating at a huge rectangular table. Your perspective re-focused, zooming in on Starfire and another Tamaranean girl who looked like a somewhat older, different-colored version of her: her sister Blackfire.

Starfire turned to Blackfire and spoke to her in Tamaranean. You caught the words "Slornf'brilk", and "Slorng'talp", which meant the 69 position. Blackfire grinned, then took off her clothes and lay down on the table! Starfire also stripped and placed her pussy over her sister's face, while bending down to lick at Blackfire's own slit.

If any of the Tamaraneans particularly noticed the sight of the two naked girls fucking on the dinner table, they didn't show it. You couldn't understand that because it was one of the hottest things you'd ever seen!

As Starfire and Blackfire climaxed, the scene faded out, and you found yourself back in the bedroom, with Starfire breaking the kiss. She smiled at your dumbstruck expression.

"That is what Slornd'ka is. The sharing of a memory of Slorn. What I showed you was when I first invoked the Slornf'brilk."

Hold on. She was Slornf'bri with her SISTER? You realize you said that out loud when Starfire answers you.

"Yes. Why would we not be?"

You try to explain the incest taboo. It takes a bit, but she gets it eventually. She shakes her head.

"Your Earth ways are most curious. Why should blood not perform Slorn with blood if no children come. It is very silly."

To be honest, as long as it provides hot scenes like you ust saw, you couldn't agree more.


Do you and Starfire play some more? Or do we see what happens next morning?

          The Next Morning


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