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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 6


“You’re entirely too well dressed for being in a shower Bonnie.” Kim joked as she began to unbutton Bonnie’s blouse, “but we can fix that.”

“Grm… fsgf rumped fjdls” Bonnie said in an attempt to scream, but the damp bra stuffed in her mouth prevented her from making any meaningful communication.

“What’s that you said Bonnie,” Kim asked as she unfastened the last button on Bonnie’s shirt, “you want me to try playing with those perky little breasts of yours? I’d be honored!”

Bonnie couldn’t believe none of the other girls in the shower were doing anything to help her. She knew that sometimes people felt she was too prissy and overbearing but Kim was practically molesting her in public and everyone was pretending like nothing was going on. Was she really that despised?

Those thoughts moved to the back of her mind when she suddenly felt Kim’s lips exploring her breasts. Despite the disturbing circumstances, Kim’s attention felt wonderful. Kim seemed to know just the spots to tease and knew how to perfectly caress her damp, youthful breasts.

When Kim started to use her hands and her mouth on Bonnie the sensations became too strong for her to keep her eyes open. To engrossed to stand straight, Bonnie feel back against the shower wall and heard what sounded like a bottle tip over. Then suddenly she could feel powerful streams of water and raspberry scented soap flow down over her body.

When she could finally open her eyes she saw Kim with a goofy smile stroke a strand of her wet red hair away from her face. She knew what was going to happen next and time suddenly seemed to slow down.

First one of Kim’s arms wrapped around her. Suddenly her gag was loose and fell to the floor. Then Kim started to lean in. Next, Kim’s full lips parted and wrapped around her own. Finally, just as Kim’s free hand began rubbing and tweaking one of Bonnie’s soap covered nipples, she felt Kim’s tongue thrust into her mouth and begin to explore.

Bonnie wanted to shout out “I’m gonna’ cum” but Kim’s lips were locked tight.


Kim's not done, is she? What will she do next and will Bonnie still resist?

          Bonnie gives into Kim


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