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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 5


Bonnie wiggled in vain attempts to free herself, but each movement only made Kim more determined to keep Bonnie with her.

“I never realized how soft and smooth your skin is Bonnie…” Kim said, half to herself.

“Seriously Kim, this is not cool! Let go of me!” Bonnie yelled at Kim

“…especially around your breasts. I mean, I thought mine were soft but yours are almost silky pillows.” Kim murmured with a smile as she gently ran her fingers over Bonnie’s unbraed, but still shirt covered, breasts.

“Thanks, I do my best to moisturize every…” Bonnie began before remembering what was going on, “Kimberly Ann Possible you fucked up bitch! Get your silk obsessed, bisexual hands off me right now!”

“I can’t…. and I know that you don’t really want me too!” Kim said, looking at Bonnie with a wicked smile.

“I warn you Kim, if you don’t stop this right now I’ll scream and get the campus security in here!”

“Neither of us really want that now do we Bonnie?” Kim asked as she leaned down and picked up Bonnie’s now damp bra from the shower floor.

“I have no idea what the hell is wrong with…” Bonnie started to say before Kim shoved Bonnie’s own bra into her open mouth.

“There we go!” Kim said as she used the unstuffed portion of the bra to secure Bonnie’s gag, “I had hoped to hear your moans of joy as I pleased you or maybe I could have convinced you to use that sharp tongue of yours to please me but if you’re going to insist on pretending to be the captured hero, the role I normally perform on my missions, then I’ll have to play the villain in our little courtship.”


What will Kim do next?

          Kim plays with Bonnie's breasts


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