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Fresh Pussy Meat | kindmaster | 3


Eventually, I nervously shook my head. “Can’t you lube…” I didn’t even bother finishing my question.
Grinning, Officer Indigo surprised me by nodding. “I can. Do you want me to lube my fingers, in your sweet wet pussy?” She stared at my naked body. "I'll do that, if you beg me."
I stared, briefly disbelieving what I’d just heard. Could I beg this cruel woman to finger my pussy? Then I tried to imagine having a dry finger pushed into my arse. How many times worse it could be, if the person wanted to be cruel? “Please, lube your fingers.” Officer Indigo waited. “Please, lube them in my… my wet pussy.”
Grinning, Officer Indigo whispered, “Beg me. Beg me to finger your pussy, and then shove two fingers up your arse.”
"I... I... Please, Officer, finger my little pussy and then fuck my ass with two fingers."
"Well, since you begged, you little slut." She run her hand over my firm breasts, then leaned dwon to kiss my right nipple. For some reason, it was hard. Sucking my nipple, she reached between my legs, and slipped a finger into the moist folds of my pussy. I moan quietly, but she heard it.
“Very good, slut." She began fucking me with one finger. "You’ll be a good little prisoner, won't you?" A second finger started exploring my wet pussy. "Doing what you are told." She swapped to my other nipple, and fingered me silently for a while. "Say it, tell me what you are.”

I clenched my eyes shut, and I could feel my cheeks blush in embarrassment. Still, I managed to choke out, in a slightly unsteady voice, “I’m yours to use, Officer. I will obey you." I moaned loudly, and shivered in a small orgasm.


Does Officer Indigo stop there, finger my ass or what?

          Fingers my ass


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