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Fresh Pussy Meat | kindmaster | 1


All through my trial, I’d been sure I’d be found innocent, since I hadn’t been near that jewelry store. It was just unlucky two witnesses described the robber as looking like playboy’s Miss March, and I look like her too.
My big mistake was that when I’d found that silver necklace, I didn’t tell someone. And now I was going to prison, for two years.
On the bus to ‘Sapphire Women’s Prison’, I made friends with a muscular murderess named Clare and a slim con woman named Helen.

When my name is called, I walked nervously into the next room. Neither of Clare or Helen was still there. The only person there was a black woman in a guard uniform, whose badge said ‘Officer Indigo’. She gestured at a table.

“Put everything on that table.” I put my purse, watch and necklace on the table, and waited patiently.Officer Indigo smiled nastily. “This is a strip search. So when I say ‘everything’, I mean every pieces of clothing and jewelry, and your underwear.”

Blushing, I started to unbutton my jacket. “Then what?” Putting it on the table, I undid my blouse.

“Your clothes go into one bag, your possessions into another. You get them back when you leave.” Officer Indigo watched, with special interest, as I removed my bra. “Once you’re naked, I will check your body for concealed contraband.”

I hesitated to pull down my panties. “My…” she swallowed, “body?”

Officer Indigo nodded, grinning. “In your hair, your mouth and inside your ass and pussy.” She stepped forward, and pulled down my panties, hands stroking my ass, thighs and legs. Holding the panties, she gestured at a stack of plastic bags. “Put your clothes in one, seal and sign it. Then do the same with your other possessions and a second bag.” Officer Indigo slapped my bare white ass. Then openly watched my tits as I complete the task of bagging my clothes and possessions. “Hands by your sides, and come lie on the table.” Pushing my knees wide apart, Officer Indigo exposed my pussy. After staring at it for a while, she ran a finger along it top to bottom, then pushed it inside.

“Shouldn’t you wear a glove?”

Officer Indigo rammed her finger deeper. “Quiet, scum. I can hurt you a lot, doing this.” Sliding her finger back and forward a few times, she inserted a second finger. Smiling, she pushed them both all the way to the knuckle, and felt around inside. My pussy started to get wet, as if I was turned on.
After an oddly long period of probing and feeling, Officer Indigo pulled her fingers out. “Time for the oral check.” She forced my jaw down, and pushed her sticky fingers inside. I’d never smelled or tasted pussy before. Officer Indigo ignored my struggles with a grin. The slippery fingers rubbed across my tongue, giving me a good taste. “Do you like that, worm?”


Do you say you like the taste?

          I shake my head


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