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Halloween in Sunnydale with Buffy and her friends | Nakur | 5


Luckily she remembered that she hadn’t locked the door behind her when she came back here in Buffy’s body. She was laying on the ground now, one hand groping her ample breast while the other one was busy rubbing the slayers over aroused clit.
‘Please come in, the door is open,’ panted Willow, while her pleasure was reaching heights she couldn’t believe and still she was not there yet.
Soldier Xander thought that Buffy’s voice sounded out of breath. Maybe she was fighting one of the mini monsters that were roaming around town. Being in the hero mode as he was that night he quickly burst in to help.
Willow saw him run in through the Slayers half closed eyes and even her current state managed to lick her lips in appreciation. She definitely liked his current attire, it made the otherwise somewhat geeky kid look incredibly hot.
When Soldier Xander finally understood what he had just walked in on his jaw dropped and by the shock all his memories raced back in. He was just trying to think what to say to the woman of so many of his sexual fantasies, and staring intently at every feature of the Slayers amazing body. Her tits firm and round, just the right size with nice nipples pointing proudly at him. Her tight abs, smooth thighs and incredibly sexy pussy, especially now with her hand crammed in it.
At that moment Willow achieved Buffy’s climax and felt momentarily dazed as waves and waves of pleasure engulfed her mind. The Slayers muscles relaxed and her upper body fell to the ground. Buffy’s eyes glazed over as Willow was ecstatically looking at the ceiling, her mind a million miles away. Never in her life had she felt such bliss.


What happens next?



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