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Halloween in Sunnydale with Buffy and her friends | Nakur | 4


First she had to get out of this concealing en restricting clothes. Those 18th century women were way too prude, especially for what she had in mind tonight. Since Xander would soon be there she foregone changing, she just ripped the custom from the Slayers sexy body. Standing in the Slayers birthday suit. ‘In the buf’ thought Willow with having adopted some of Buffy’s skill with the puns.
Again Willow ran the slayers possessed hands all over the firm body of the Slayer. She felt how incredibly soft her lightly tanned skinned was. Again lesbian feelings, she never knew she had enraptured Willows mind. Deciding she couldn’t wait any longer, now Willows lust was reaching never before met heights. With her left hand she twisted one of Buffy’s firm nipples, while her right hand quickly descended to Buffy’s tight pussy.
She started rubbing the Slayers clit. Willow was immediately hit with strength of Buffy’s sex-feelings. She knew that the Slayer had super heightened senses but she never realized that those extended to the feelings created by her sexual organs. After just a few strokes over her clit Buffy’s body started panting involuntary and Willow was squealing with pleasure in her mind. She wanted more.
She plunged here fingers in the Slayers now dripping wet pussy. Willow could barely get three in that incredibly tight snatch and discovered hidden muscles in Buffy’s well trained and flexible body that could easily squeeze those out too.
Willow was masturbating her best friends body for a couple of minutes and felt she was about to reach an incredible orgasm when finally the doorbell rang. She knew it was Xander, but what she was doing to the Slayers body herself was already feeling so good.


Does she get Xander or wait till she has come

          A better idea


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