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An Open Mind | menoetes | 1


“Have you got everything ?”

You look up at Dr Gribble, he was the surgeon in charge of your operation and since it’s success seems to have taken a special interest in your recovery. You are beginning to think he would keep you here forever if he could, as living proof of his skills and the miracle that was your survival.

Six months ago you were diagnosed with a brain tumor, a surprise to everyone at your age but dangerous none-the-less. The specialists had advised surgery as soon as possible before it grew too large and began shutting down your brain. The choice was simple; surgery or a slow trip to becoming a vegetable. The surgery was very risky, brain surgery always is but Dr Gribble was willing to perform it after examining the MRI scans.

Amazingly you came through the surgery with no loss of brain function and recovered quickly. The Hospital was buzzing with doctors wanting to poke, prod and test you to see the miracle for themselves and Dr Gribble published several articles in prominent journals concerning the procedure. But at last you are being released with a full bill of health and Dr Gribble has come to see you off.

“Yeah, I have everything, and thanks again Dr Gribble.” You reply.

He hands you his card with his mobile phone number on it.

“Now if anything seems strange or you have any problems that might relate back to the surgery you give me a call, OK? We can only test for so much here in the hospital – the true test with be sending you back out into the world.” He says, then slaps you on the shoulder. “Now get out of here, sick people only in here and you don’t meet those requirements anymore”

You grab your bag and what few belongings you had with you over your 3 month stay in the hospital then head for reception and sign yourself out. Nurse Cooper is on the front desk. She is the only reason you stayed sane in this place. While most of the nurses in the Intensive Care ward are either old or cold as granite, Nurse Coopers is young and caring. Not to mention sexy as hell. For the first month after the operation you were bed-bound and watching Nurse Coopers to do her rounds was you weekly highlight.


What's next?

          say goodbye to nurse coopers



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