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Clash of the teen titans | shendude | 9


As you lay on the bed, enjoying the afterglow, Starfire shifts, so that she is facing you.

"That was a most pleasant experience. You will become my Slornf'bri now?"

You cock your head. "Slornf'bri? What's that?"

"To be Slornf'bri is to be bound to another person for purposes of Slorn."

You're still not entirely sure what that means, but you have suspicion.

"Are you saying want to marry me?"

Starfire looks horrified. "Of course I do not! Marriage is for love, Slornf'bri is for pleasure!"

It takes a bit of time and plenty of explaining, but eventually you figure it out. The Slornt'nas is a ritual to determine if someone will be a good Slirnf'bri. Slornf'bri are something like lovers, but more formalized.

One Slornf'bri has the right to invoke the Slornf'brilk, requiring the other to perform Slorn (that is to say, any sexual act) at any time. In other words, by becoming your Slornf'bri she'll provide you with sex on command, and all you have to do is reciprocate.

The answer was obvious. "Hell, yes!"

Starfire grins back. "Oh, good. We will now perform the celebratory Slornt'san."

As she says this, she grasps your cock and strokes it to full hardness, then positions herself so that it slides into her ass...


Now what?

          She wants to be an anal cowgirl


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