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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 6


It was more instinct then thought. She hadn’t intended on licking Ron’s shaft and she definitely hadn’t intended on wrapping her lips around his cock head either but once she was doing it these actions felt ‘oh so right’.

She had always assumed that giving oral sex would be just like sucking on a lollipop. Kim knew now that she wasn’t even close; this was much better. A lollipop never made her panties feel wet like this. A lollipop never felt so warm or so perfectly made for her mouth. She had never wanted to explore every inch of a lollipop with her tongue.

“Oh my god Kim…”

A lollipop never made her feel like the sexiest girl in the world simply by saying “…I think I’m going to cum.”

She had never debated if she wanted to let a lollipop explode in her mouth or whether she should slide it out and let it explode in her face or even all over her bare B cups.

“OH!” Ron screamed in release as his cock pulsed out glob after glob of cum.

Her curiosity had gotten the better of her. Kim was dying to know how Ron tasted so she had ignored his warnings and let him cum in her mouth.

“This tastes awful!” Was the first thing Kim thought, “How can those sluts in my dorm do this regularly?”

She prayed the flavor would grow on her because despite the taste she planned on giving Ron head often from now on.


The ray hasn't been turned off yet and Kim is still horny. What will she do next?

          Kim wants to get fucked!


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