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"Traffic Jam" | fuckman129 | 1


My names is Craig Brook, I'm 43 and very fit for my age. I have a beautiful daughter named Courtney. She is 18, has long blond hair, blue eyes, and 34B breasts. I am in a very bad mood today because I just lost a huge deal at work, and I've been stuck in this fucking traffic jam for 30 minutes now. What really pisses me off though is the fact that Courtney has been home alone for almost 15 minutes now, and god only knows what kind of trouble she's getting into by now. Its not that she's a bad kid, but its just that she's a teenager, and I worry for her safety. I guess I can just call and tell her ill be home soon and check in on her.
"Hi honey, its daddy,"
"Oh, hi daddy!"
"What are you up to?
"Oh nothiiii......oh!!!!"
"Honey? What are you doing? What's happening?"
"Oh daddy, I'm just here with one of my friends,"
"Which friend?"
"Tara, why daddy? Don't you trust me?"
My heart skipped a beat. Tara was a gorgeous 18 year old. She was a beautiful, no SEXY brunette with long curly locks, green eyes, and 36C breast.
"Oh, what are you girls up to?"
"Oh daddy, we're just.....OH MY GOD, Tara, that feels so FUCKING good, OH, that's the spot, right there, OH!!!"
"HONEY?!? What's going on? What is she doing to you?"
"Oh, daddy we are so fucking drunk and horny right now,"
"COURTNEY! What the fuck were you thinking getting drunk?"
"Oh daddy, we found your secret stash of porn, we found some we really like and decided to try them out, but we're missing something......A BIG DICK!"


What do you do

          Race home as fast as you can

          Jerk Off!

          Tell her to calm down

          Arriving home


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