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Clash of the teen titans | Shendude | 7


While you have absolutely no idea what "the act of Slornt’nas" is, your powers include a mild precognitive sense. You therefore know that whatever it is, it will be enjoyable for you.

"Sure," you say.

Starfire gives a squeal of joy and flips you onto your back. She kisses you hard, and you can tell she enjoys tasting her own juices.

She breaks the kiss, and then begins kissing her way down your muscular body, until she reaches your crotch, at which point she begins lavishing your balls and cock with kisses. She kisses the head of your member, and then parts her full lips and puls it into your mouth. Her lips slowly crawl down your length, until her nose brushes your pubic hair. You're amazed that she can take all of your sizable meat into her mouth. For a momnet, you wonder if Tamaraneans don't have a gag reflex. Then she begins to actually suck, and you stop thinking for awhile.

Starfire displays considerable skill. In point of fact, she's the best cocksucker you've ever encountered, and you've encountered plenty! After a few minutes of ecstasy you finally cum.

She does not let so much as a drop of your seed escape her mouth. She pulls off of you, and rolls your cum around in her mouth, clearly enjoying the flavor. She sticks out her tongue to display her catch, and then swallows it sexily.

You begin to get up, but she puts her hand on your chest and pushes you back down.

"Why do you rise, friend? I am not yet done with the Slornt’nas!"


What's next?

          Slornt’nas Includes Intercourse


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