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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 6


A sudden hot stinging all over Kim’s face brought her back to reality.

“Oh wow Kim,” Ron said with a relieved sigh, “you’re really good at that.”

It took a few more seconds before Kim could fill in all the gaps. When she wiped her hands over the warm places on her face and felt the hot goo stick to her fingers she realized she had jerked Ron until he shot his cum all over her face.

“I tried to tell you that I couldn’t hold back any longer but you didn’t seem to be listening. I hope you’re not…. Oh my god that’s hot!” Ron said in an attempt to apologize before being caught by surprise when Kim began to suck on her cum covered fingers.

In Kim’s mind this facial was just the beginning. She had eavesdropped on some of the guys in her dorm and had once heard them mention how hot they thought it was when their girlfriends swallowed after giving head. This wasn’t quite the same thing but Kim was still horny and figured it might be enough to get Ron hard again.

‘My roommate was right’, Kim thought to herself as she watched with dirty glee as Ron’s cock stiffened in front of her again, ‘the taste of cum is horrible!’

At the same time something about it seemed indescribably erotic. So much so that she licked her fingers and face clean as she contemplated which lovingly lustful move to try next.


What next?

          Kim wants to get fucked!


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