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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 5


Kim catches Ron off guard and shoves him back against the bathroom wall. Without allowing him time to absorb what was going on, Kim unbuttoned Ron’s pants and pulled them to the ground.

“You know,” Kim said in a playful tone, “Despite losing your pants so frequently during missions, I’ve never actually gotten to see what was under those boxers…until now!”

With one swift tug his boxers were at his ankles and his cock, now free of its cloth confinement, sprung straight out toward her.

…And then there was silence…

“Yeah, you see… about… you know… it being hard already…” Ron muttered embarrassedly.

Kim had faced super villains, killer robots, and evil geniuses but this was new and foreign to her. The films from health class had made it seem dry and simplistic but now that she could see this up close her head began to fill with more thoughts, ideas, and desires then she had thought were possible to have at one time.

Like a timid child petting the class snake for the first time, Kim slowly extended a hand and brushed a finger over his head. As she pulled it back she could feel a small amount of slimy precum on your finger tip.

Ron may have been talking but Kim could no longer hear him; the only words in her world now where her own.

“That means he’s enjoying this right? I’m pretty sure that’s true. He’d be soft if he wasn’t as turned on as I am…right?” She thought to herself.

She reached out again and this time ran her fingers from his head all the way down the shaft. She could feel his cock quiver as her hand slid.

“It feels so strong… that’s amazing.”

Without thinking she kneeled down in front of him, holding her face only inches from her new fascination. Petting it no longer seemed sufficient. She wanted to feel all of it!

Gently she wrapped her hand around his bulging cock. She was still unsure of how to act, how much pressure she should use when she touched him, or even if she should be doing anything besides touching him but so far everything seemed to be almost instinctive. Before she even realized it she had wrapped her hand around his dick and was sliding up and down it.

As soon as she had knelt down she knew something was going to happen and this feeling was growing stronger. Still, she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She wasn’t even sure if she was going to do this something or if he was.

But she knew she’d find out soon.


What is this feeling reguarding?

          Ron shots his load all over kim's face.

          Kim instinctivly gives Ron head


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