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A Boy at a Girls School | remfan55 | 7


looks sexily at you as she begins to remove her clothes. Her body is spectacular.

"Since you got something special," says, "I think it's my turn."

She walks over to Shanice and gently pulls her head away from your cock. She places her hands on Shanice's shoulders and pushes her downward. Shanice resists only slightly. "You're going to watch as Shanice eats my pussy," says.

Shanice tries to protest. "But I don't like gir-" her words are cut off as slams her crotch against Shanice's face. Shanice waves her arms anxiously, probably struggling for air.

says, "You're going to be there till I cum, so you'd better start eating. Ooo...ohhhh yes.....good girl." Shanice has clearly surrendered.

You continue to watch as 's moans get louder and louder until she finally cums and falls to the floor, and Shanice takes a deep breath as you see her face covered in 's juices.

"That was good. Now then, you're going to do what I tell you, aren't you?"

Shanice nods.

"Good. , looks like you and I have a sex slave. What should we have her do?"


What do you do with Shanice?


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