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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 4


Bonnie, Kim’s high school nemesis, had not only decided to go to the same university as Kim but upon arrival had found herself assigned to the dorm. While anyone else would have accepted this maturely, Bonnie refused to let go of her grudge against Kim and took every opportunity to lash out against her. This morning’s prank was to simply steal Kim’s towel and clothing from the shower area. They wouldn’t be hard to accomplish since she knew that Kim’s mother had made sure Kim’s initials, K.A.P., were stitched into all of her towels.

Everything was going according to plan. That is, until she looked into the showers. Suddenly, stealing her clothes seemed minimal in comparison to drawing everyone’s attention to Kim.

Without undressing, Bonnie leisurely walked down the row of showers to the one Kim was standing under. Then…

“Kim Possible, what the hell are you doing?” Bonnie exclaimed just loud enough so everyone nearby would hear her.

Being caught like this was the final piece that pushed Kim over the edge. As her body began to tense and shutter at its impending release, Kim could no longer restrain herself.

Since Bonnie was the closest living thing, Kim wrapped her arms around Bonnie and pressed her soaking wet body against her. Before Bonnie could scream or otherwise protest, Kim put a hand behind Bonnie's head and forced her own lips around Bonnie's.

What had started as an attempt to get everyone to catch Kim masturbating in the shower (which would have resulted in a few rumors and lots of dirty remarks towards Kim) was instead resulting in everyone seeing Bonnie and Kim in an intimate embrace.

While this would have normally been enough to put her into a panic, Bonnie was more concerned that Kim didn’t seem to plan on stopping with an embrace or a passionate kiss. Bonnie's futile resistance faded and transformed into a momentary paralysis as she felt Kim’s left hand slide under her shirt and slowly move up her soft, pampered skin. Her knees practically buckled as she felt her bra come undone.


What happens?

          Bonnie resists Kim but Kim manages to subdue Bonnie


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