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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 4


If Kim had been any other girl Ron knew he wouldn’t have heisted since he knew she wasn’t drunk so there wasn’t anything illegal about it (except of course for it being in public). This wasn’t any other girl though, this was his best friend and, truthfully, the only girl he really cared about.

Something about this just seemed too wrong and he was unwilling to ruin things by leaping before he looked. He had to think this through…alone. There was only one place he could go to where Kim couldn’t follow him. The class was quite large so no one thought anything of people leaving to go to the bathroom randomly throughout the period.

No one else was in the men’s room so Ron went over to the sink and, despite being covered in crud, turned on the water and repeatedly splashed his face in an attempt to regain some composure.

“What’s going on? Why is Kim acting like that? More importantly, why did I run away?” Ron muttered to himself.

“Because you’re the kind of guy who wouldn’t want to take advantage of someone or make them look bad in front of their friends.”

He was confident that Kim wouldn’t follow him into the men’s room. He thought, on the other hand, there was a distinct possibility that she might wait just outside the door so as to trap him when he inevitably exited but he was sure she wouldn’t actually follow him in.

Looking in the mirror proved otherwise. Not only had she followed him in she was standing no more then an inch behind him.

“For a moment after you ran out of class I was devastated. I had bared my soul to you and in response you ran away in disgust.”

“No K.P., no… It wasn’t disgusted… I”

“I understand Ron. That’s why I used the communicator’s locator beacon to find you. I realized it was disgust but your gentle, caring love that made you run. You knew from all the other girls you’ve been with that I would draw attention to myself especially since this would be my first time. You didn’t want to let me look like a whore in front of all of our classmates.” Kim informed him in a tone that hinted that she was trying to reassure herself while at the same time she was convincing Ron.

“Actually Kimbo…”

Ron had wanted to tell her the real reason that he had ran but he couldn’t. As soon it sounded like he was going to correct her she looked like she was about to cry.

“Actually Kimbo, I haven’t been with a lot of other girls. In fact, I haven’t been with any in the way you mean…” Ron reluctantly told her. This was the only truthful thing he could think to tell her that wouldn’t crush her.

“You saved yourself for me? Oh Ron, I didn’t know you were such a romantic!” Kim gushed, “We can be each others firsts.”

“Okay.” He said, concluding he had no other options. Besides, he thought, it’s not like being with Kim wasn’t exactly what he had always wanted!

Having redressed prior to getting up off the floor, Kim began to unbutton her blouse again.

“Wait Kim, are you serious? You want our first time to be in the men’s room?”

“Why not, there’s no one else around to see us. Besides, as long as it’s with you I don’t care where I am… anyway, I can’t wait any longer!”


Kim seems quite persistant. Will they do it in the bathroom?

          She'll start by removing Ron's pants.


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