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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 3


“Watch me Ron, please watch me! I need you to see what happens when I think about you!”

Kim, still kneeling in front of Ron, had only seconds earlier unbuttoned her blouse. Now she cupped one of her breasts in one hand while her other hand had slip inside of her pants.

For a moment Ron and Kim were completely silent. Ron was too in shock by what he was seeing to even mumble anything. At the same time, every second that passed without Ron’s voice felt like an eternity of deferred desires. Finally Kim decided she would settle for Ron’s awkward stares.

“When it’s late at night and everyone else is asleep I find myself thinking about you…ooo”

Ron watched with increasing lust as Kim teased herself while she talked about him and her desires.

“I can’t help but touch myself at that point.” Kim whispers as her fingers close down and tweak her soft pink nipple, “but not roughly like a sex starved co-ed. I touch myself gently because I know that’s what you would do to me.”

Kim, wanting Ron to see everything she was doing without needing to imagine a single detail, removes her hand from inside her pants and uses it to unzip and slide them down past her thighs. She wanted Ron to see her pink cotton panties and the soft wet spot that had formed in the middle. With her pants lowered, she slid her hand back inside her panties.

“Gentle is good but I know that there will be pain soon. I’m not afraid though, I can do anything including lose my virginity to you…”

“You’re still a virgin K.P?”

Ron hadn’t intended on saying anything yet, but those words just slipped out. He just couldn’t believe Kim was still a virgin. He knew it wasn’t just him who thought she was a ‘total fox.’

Ron’s words had shattered Kim’s dream world. It seemed so strange seeing how she had longed for him to say anything only a few moments earlier.

“Uh-huh.” Kim told him while nodding her head, “I guess I just always knew that something about those other guys just wasn’t right. It took a long time to realize the part about it that wasn’t right was that the guy wasn’t you.”

Her response left Ron speechless once again.

Kim’s emotions were going crazy. He had just dragged her out of her fantasy and now he wasn’t saying anything again! All of the lust, longing, love, and desire were building up to a critical mass inside of her. She felt like if she couldn’t due something about it soon it would all spill out in an avalanche of sobbing, tears and screams.

At the exact moment she was about to burst, her mind cleared and she knew exactly what she wanted and what she needed.

“Right now Ron! I’m not kidding.” She warned him as she began to lie down on the floor.

“What about right… now….?”

“Take me! I can’t wait any longer; I need you to fuck me!”


“Fuck me! Have hot, sticky sex with me! Make love to me with a fiery passion! Join with me in cosmic bliss! Make me a woman while I make you a man! What ever you want to call it, I need it now.”


Will Ron fuck Kim right there in the middle of class?

          He knows something is wrong with Kim. He wouldn't take advantage of her in this condition.


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