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Clash of the teen titans | Shendude | 5


Your jaw almost drops. Starfire just offered herself to you on a silver platter! You almost knock the table aside and fuck her then and there, but then you think better of it. The other Titans, particularly Robin, would probably accuse you of taking adavantage of her (which you are) and may well do something unpleasant to you.

"How about we continue this in my room, where it'll be more comfortable?"

Starfire cocks her head. "I am most comfortable here! But," she gushes as she shugs her shapely shoulders. "If you wish to move, I will oblige you!"

"Er, right."

You quickly hurry her into your room. Once you have some privacy you take the time to ogle her nude form. It's well worth looking at, although the orange skin's abit weird. Her body is lithe and lovely, with just the right combination of hard muscle and soft curves in all the right places. Her long legs, hairless pussy, and rounded ass, are a perfect counterpoint to her magnificent tits.

You waste no time getting your own clothes off. As you lie Starfire down on the bed, you notice her examining your well-muscled body and considerable package in a way that suggests she's not quite as naive as she acts. You decide to start slow. You lower your head between her legs and gently take her clit between your lips. After sucking on her button for a bit, you begin to plumb her depths with your tongue. She tastes different than a human girl, but in a good way.


How does Starfire react?

          Pillow talk as you attempt to please her


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