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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 3


As Kim’s mind moved away from her fantasy world and back to her shower, she became suddenly aware of her behavior.

In her left hand she was holding a bar of soap but while anyone who might be watching from a distance would think she was washing her breasts, she knew the soap was just an excuse to play with her breasts.

She had not even been as clever as to disguise her right hand. If anyone was watching they would have known what she knew: she was teasing her clitoris by rubbing it between two fingers.

Even when she spent time at her parent’s house and had a private shower she had never masturbated in it but here she was in public shower surrounded by half a dozen other girls and she had unconsciously started masturbating. More then that, as she tried to stop playing with herself she found that each attempt only made her tease herself more.

As her bar of soap fell to the ground, her mind drifted back into her fantasy. As the moments passed things began to change though. First, the setting changed. The three of them were no longer in a secluded hotel room and instead they were in the girls’ shower room just like she was in real life. Then, as Ron was rubbing his tongue over and over again on her clit she suddenly realized that Ron was no longer Ron but was instead Amber, a girl from the dorms. When she was about to ask her professor, who was swirling his tongue around her nipple, where Ron had went she realized her professor had also turned into one of the girls from the dorm.

As her mind slipped away from her fantasy and back to reality again she realized that both Amber and the other girl from her fantasy were currently showering.

She had never had erotic thoughts about another girl before, not even Shego who even Ron had admitted was a “stone cold hottie.” Yet, now she found herself daydreaming about two of her neighbors that she barely knew. In fact, she found that as she drove herself closer to an orgasm she was giving these girls the same looks she gave Ron when he wasn’t looking.

It was taking all of her mental strength to simply keep herself from dashing over to one of the other girl’s stalls and force herself onto them. She knew she would bring herself to orgasm eventually and at that point her resistance would be blocked out by a cloud of passion, leaving her unable to control herself.

As her passion grew and her thoughts became dirtier she had no idea what to do next.


What will happen? What will Kim do? Can she do anything?

          Bonnie (Kim’s nemesis from high school) plays a prank… but has it backfire.


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