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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 2


“Ah, that’s very clever Shego! I’ve activated the BLISS ray and apparently she is already in position. Now that that has been taken care of, I say we move on to stage two of this plan: stealing snow cones!”

“Snow cones? Seriously? This has got to be your lamest…”

“Shut up or you won’t get a snow cone and then you’ll just have to watch me eat mine.”

“Yeah, really mature Dr. D.”


It was 7:45 AM and just like every other day sleepy students were starting to stir in Wentz Hall. Kim Possible had spent all night studying for her first physics exam that afternoon and was exhausted. More then anyone else, she was looking forward to a nice, warm shower to help her start her day.

She was exhausted and her actions were almost robotic. Everyone on her floor shared the same set of showers at the end of the hallway and by this point Kim could get to them with her eyes closed. Since her floor was composed exclusively of girls, she didn’t even look around before entering the changing room.

She found it hard to keep from yawning as she unbuttoned her blouse and slid her pants down to the ground. She could hear running water so as she slowly removed her panties she peeked her head around the corner to make sure there was still space. The showers seemed more crowed then normal today but there was still one empty shower at the far end of the room. Even half asleep she was a neat freak so before heading down to the shower she made sure all of her clothes were folded and set in a neat a little pile.

She closed her eyes as the hot water began to pour over her body. This was her favorite part of the day: No tests, no lectures, no assignments, no projects, and no missions. All she had to do relax and slide the soap all over her body.

As both time and the water continued to move she began to feel strange sensations move through her. Normally she didn’t start having any dirty daydreams until her biology lecture but today these same fantasies were already beginning and bit by bit they were changing.

Ron had the same biology class as her and usually found a spot next to her. Even though they had broken up after only a few dates, she still secretly longed for a romantic relationship with him. While her daydreams usually started with a romantic and sometimes erotic encounter with Ron, they usually took a kinky twist within the first few moments of the lecture.

The professor for this particular class had only gotten his doctored a few years early and the first day of class Kim had been quite surprised to realize she was developing a crush on him.

So, by the time the class was half way over Kim’s daydreams had usually reached the point where both Ron and their professor were both vigorously engaged in an effort to prove they were a better lover for Kim. Even in her fantasies Kim knew she would ultimately choose Ron over anyone else, but she wasn’t going to tell them that until after the three-way was over.

While she didn’t normally allow herself to have these kinds of fantasies in the shower, the thoughts just seemed too natural today to try and stop them. After all, today was going to be a rough day and this was her favorite fantasy.


Will she let things continue or not?

          *Keep showering*


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