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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 2


“I like the way you’re thinking Shego. I’ve fed the information into the satellite and according to her schedule she should be in position by exactly 1:03 pm. Now, while the BLISS Ray does its job I suggest we head out to the hover car. I’m in the mood to steal something.”


“Ron, wake up! Professor Norris is coming and if he sees that you are sleeping through his class again he’s going to fail you!” Kim whispered as she elbowed Ron who had fallen asleep in the seat next to her.
“What? Oh, thanks Kim.” Ron said as he woke up and began to franticly copy down the lecture notes he had just missed, “It’s just so hard to stay awake. This class is so boring, there are so many people in this lecture hall, and it’s right after lunch. I don’t know how anyone stays awake through this, especially you. I saw your roommate earlier today and she said you pulled another all-nighter studying for your physics class.”

Ron waited for Kim to respond, but she didn’t say anything. At first he thought maybe she had ironically fallen asleep but as he listened he could tell her breathing was getting heavier rather then lighter. When he turned away from his notes to look at her, he realized she was no longer taking notes and instead had taken to staring at his shoes.

“Ah, earth to Kim, I don’t know what time it is in Kim-Land but here in Middleton it’s 1:09, not freak out time. Why are you staring at my shoes? Is there something on them? Get it off them! Get it off them!”

As Ron began to shake his feet violently, Kim slouched down in her seat, slid down to the floor, and got down onto her knees.

“Thanks Kim, I can feel whatever it is on my shoes starting to… wait, what are you doing?”

Kim wasn’t sure what was coming over her. She and Ron had dated for a little while but things had fizzled out and they had decided to be just friends again. Now though, unlike as Ron had assumed, Kim now found she couldn’t take her eyes off of his crotch and with each second that passed a new erotic fantasy danced into her mind.

“Wha… whoa, Kim what are you doing?”


What's next?

          *Zipppppp* (Kim unzips Ron's pants)

          Kim shows Ron how she feels about him


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