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Kim Possible and the BLISS | vic_elor | 1


“Shego, come quick! I’ve done it! The world will be mine.”

“Yeah… ah, Doctor D, you’ve been saying that off and on for like two or three years now. Why don’t you just call me over when you plan actually works? And since we know that won’t be happening soon I’m going to go back to reading the month’s Modern Villain magazine.”

“Oh you mock me now but you won’t when my latest plan succeeds!”

“Yeah, I think that’s what I just told you.”

“AHH, fine! Then I won’t tell you my new plan or show you my latest invention.”

“You say that every time but then you start up with…”

“I’ve created what I like to call a Biological Laser in Space Satellite or…”

“Bliss? You’ve got to be kidding me! What kind of evil invention is called Bliss?”

“Bah, that shows what you know. This invention is pure evil genius. It is guaranteed to keep Kim Possible off my back for good!”

“Bliss will keep Kim Possible off you back permanently? Do you even listen to yourself when you talk anymore Doc?”

“Now that Kim Possible is legally of age I can use my satellite too…”

“Wait, you’re a villain. Why are you concerned with legal age?”

“Oh come on Shego, we have to have some standards! Now, as I was saying, the satellite can target anyone from space and hit them with a specially modulated laser beam that will cause certain brain activity to increase exponentially which will then cause uncontrollable sexual urges. So you see if I…”

“Wait, let me get this straight. You latest plan is to use a laser beam that makes people extra horny. Explain to me, how is that supposed to help us?”

“Watch and learn. First we target Ms. Possible and wait for her to enter into the perfect location. Then, while we go and steal something she’ll be too busy satisfying herself to stop us.”

“Ok, I know I’ve said this before but I do believe that this may be you most half assed plan yet. Still, it should at least be amusing.”

“That’s the spirit. Now, where do we want her to be when we target her?”


Where is Kim when you target her?

          In the middle of college Biology 101 lecture

          In her dorm shower


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