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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | deathofcards | 10


“I think you should bend over the desk Ashley.” You suggest.

She gets up off your lap, a little uneasy on her feet after your fuck. She bends over the desk in front of you, her peachy teen ass on display for you. You know exactly what you want to do to her, things you have wanted to do to her since the day you first met her. You bring the chair in closer to the desk grabbing Ashley’s firm ass cheeks with both hands. You spread her cheeks exposing her tiny sweet pink anus. You lean in closer to her and tentatively start to lap at her asshole.

Ashley moans as you start to do so, you figure she is no stranger to being licked in this way. You start to lick her faster, pressing your tongue deeper into her anus. Ashley lets out a loud moan as you do so. You keep on licking her for several minutes with Ashley letting out moans and sighs consistently as you do so. You remove your tongue from her asshole and insert an index finger up to the knuckle and start to finger her slowly. She lets out a little whimper as you do so. By this time your cock is fully erect again. You stand up keeping your finger inside of her ass.

You slap your cock against her ass playfully. “Please fuck me in the ass , I want you in me so badly”. Ashley pleads.

“So you like being fucked in the ass do you, you little tramp?” You ask her, pressing the head of your cock against her anus.

“I’m a slut, fuck me!” She begs.

How could you say no to such a request? You push the head of your cock into her anus, her ass enveloping your cock as you invade her. Ashley lets out a gasp as you penetrate her but you continue to go deeper into her tight little ass. You lean forward a little, applying a little more weight onto her and force your cock fully into her. She lets out a moan once you are fully inside of her. You remain deep inside of her asshole for a moment, savoring the tightness of Ashley’s ass. Slowly you draw your cock out of her until only the head of your cock is inside of her.

“You like this don’t you, you little slut?” You ask her. You hold her ass tight and penetrate deep into her ass again, she lets out a low moan as you slam into her fast.

“I love to be fucked like this, I’m such a slut. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long. You know you can fuck me like this whenever you want?” She tells you.

You draw back out again and then slam back into her forcefully taking Ashley’s breath away. “Are you going to be my slut from now on?” You ask her. You start to fuck her hard, pounding her nineteen year old ass with deep harsh strokes. Ashley loves it as she is moaning all the time you fuck her hard. After fucking her for several minutes you feel Ashley’s body tense and she starts to cum. Her orgasm racks her body hard, and starts to let out a sequence of loud moans.

As Ashley is cumming your phone unexpectedly starts to ring. You clasp one hand over Ashley’s mouth to muffle her orgasmic cries as you pick up the receiver. You keep on fucking Ashley in the ass, regardless of whoever is on the end of the line.

“Hi , this is Tom over in recruitment. I was wondering if I could ask for a really big favour?” He says.

Tom is a good friend in the company, an occasional drinking and gambling buddy. “Sure man, what can I do for you?” You reply, pushing your cock back into Ashley, she whimpers lightly into your hand her orgasm subsiding.

“We’re interviewing for a new intern today, and I’m the only guy here, everyone else is off sick. I was hoping you could help me out as we’ve got more applicants than I realized. Could you get down here in the next twenty minutes or so?” Tom asks.

“Sure, I’ll just finish up what I’m doing here.” You tell him putting the phone down and pulling your cock out of Ashley, then slamming it back into her. You can feel your orgasm building. You keep on fucking Ashley for a few more minutes until you're about to cum in her. You push back into her deeply and shoot inside of her. She whimpers as you ejaculate deep in her ass. After a moment or so you pull out of her. You grab her thong and pull it down her thighs and then use it to wipe your cock clean.

“Unfortunately Ashley I have things to do, so I’ll need you back at work for the moment. But obviously I may require you later in your new role as my personal slut”. You tell her.

“Yes, sir”. She replies trying to snatch her thong back from you.

“You won't be needing these anymore Ashley. As my personal slut, there is a strict dress code, short skirts and stockings but no panties or bra”. You command.

She licks her lips. “Yes, sir. Can I ask a favour though sir? I think a friend of mine might be among the interviewees, I would show my gratitude if she were to be one of the final few”. She winks at you.

“I’ll see what I can do Ashley. Now back to work.” You tell her.

She blows a kiss and hurriedly exits your office. You take a moment to smarten yourself up and then head out of your office to go and find Tom down in personnel.


What happens in the interviews?

          Which one knows Ashley?

          The applicants


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