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Her senior year of High School had finally started, and Tanya was going to make the most of it. With her dark red hair, piercing green eyes, and creamy skin, she had always been among the prettier girls at school, not to mention one of the most popular. However, she was very cold to the men who were attracted to her. She would only even speak to the most popular and sexiest guys, and even they had a hard time getting her to open up. The girl had never even touched a man's penis. She'd only gotten as far as second base. Which the men didn't mind, of course, she had very nice, firm breasts, but it still bothered them that they'd never get past that.

Her first day of class was nearly at an end. It had been pretty uneventful, aside from the usual slew of boys trying to get their hands on her, and her resisting and snarling at them. But when the bell rang, she began to walk home. Going down her normal route, she saw that her normal route was blocked off for construction. "Great," she said. She'd have to go through the alleyway, with all the drunks and homeless people. She was wearing her favorite black sweater, and now it was going to get ruined.

She turned to her left into the alleyway, where it was cold and damp. She walked as fast as she could in her heeled shoes, but still a couple of drunkards saw her and said nasty things. She was stopped suddenly when somebody grabbed her on the arm. It was an old woman.

"Spare some change for an old woman," said the stranger.

"Let me go," Tanya said angrily, and wrestled her arm free. She took off on her pace again, but was grabbed on the arm again.

"Come, dear," said the woman, who had caught up and grabbed her a second time. "I haven't eaten in days."

"Leave me alone, you creepy woman," Tanya said.

She took off again, but still for a third time, she was stopped. This time, the woman's face was angry."

"So," she said, "won't help out an innocent woman? Well, here this-

I ask for help, you spurn me twice.
Young lady, you are not too nice.
But I will times your pain by ten.
You'll never refuse a request again."

Tanya paused for a moment and watched as the woman walked away. "Creepy lady," she said, and continued on her way home.

When she finally arrived home, Tanya dropped her books on her bed and went to her computer to tell her friends about her freaky encounter. There was a knock on her bedroom door. It was her brother, Drew.

"Hey, Tanya, can I borrow your stereo?" he asked.


Wait - she had never lent her stereo to anybody, let alone her brother, whom she couldn't stand. But here she was, standing up and unplugging her stereo, opening her door, and handing it to Drew. It wasn't as though something had taken over her body. It was definitely her controlling her limbs and body, but she wasn't refusing. Maybe the old lady...nah.

The rest of the day went pretty quickly. Her parents came home, the family ate dinner, Tanya took out the garbage in place of her brother because he asked her to (another weird incident), and eventually, she went to sleep and when she woke up, she was ready for day two of school. So she got dressed in a nice pink miniskirt and pink heels with a blue blouse (black underwear, as always), and headed out. She arrived just minutes before her first class.

She was OK now. Whatever had come over her yesterday she was sure had passed.


What happens on day 2?

          The boys tease her at the gates

          Sex-Ed Class

          A mishap at drama rehearsal

          What's going on


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