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A College Experiment | remfan55 | 1


Clarkdale University was known for being a very progressive and liberal university. They had affirmative action, massive student liberties, and similar things. That's why they were among the first colleges to try a new experiment.

A handful of schools in the region were putting one of the male basketball players on the women's team, and vice versa. They had selected these two players to switch:

Karen Hart was the point guard from the women's team. About 5'7" with long black hair, creamy white skin, and large C-cup breasts, she was the women's team superstar. She had been raised in a strict Christian upbringing, and this assignment made her nervous, because she had always had a secret gangbang fantasy.

Jamal Anderson was the enormous black center for the men's team. At 6'10" and muscular, he would look even larger next to the relatively small women's team.

The extent of this experiment would be absolute. The new players would not only play with their teams, but practice with them, and even use the same locker room.

Whose story will you follow?


Whose story?

          Jamal Anderson


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