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18th Birthday | remfan55 | 2


They say to make a good impression, so I want to start off good. I hear that they're looking for "girl next door" types. I start with a lacy black bra and thong, then over that, I slip on short shorts that ride so high my ass cheeks are exposed. Then a pink shirt that exposes my midriff, and also that is so tight, my tits look enormous. I also put on a pair of 4-inch red heels.

"Damn, sis," says my brother when he sees me.

"You think I look hot?" I ask.

"Babe, if you weren't saving up energy for the audition, I'd bend you over and fuck you right now." I giggle.

He takes me out to the car, and we drive to the studio. When we get there, a man ushers me in. He sets me down on a couch in front of a camera and switches it on. "Ready for your first scene?" he asks.


What do I do for my first scene?


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