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18th Birthday | remfan55 | 1


Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to join the porn industry. That started when I saw my older brother, Joe, jerking off to a video in his room. It got me hot, and I wanted to be one of those girls that guys masterbated to (and maybe some girls too). Dad also had some Playboys in his room. I liked looking at them, but I loved fantasizing about being a centerfold even more.

Anyway, my name is Lisa. I'm a petite brunette with average size tits, but my ass is fantastic. I've had a lot of sexual experiences with both guys and girls, and since today is my 18th birthday, I can finally go and accomplish my dream. My parents don't know about my plan, and they'll be at work all day. However, it's a holiday from school, and my older brother has the day off as well, so he'll be driving me to a nearby porn studio.

Now I have to decide what to wear....


What should I wear?

          Schoolgirl outfit

          Corset, panties, boots

          Short shorts and a tee-shirt

          Heels, some bondage stuff....


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