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A Guy, A Girl, And Her Roommate | remfan55 | 3


After Giordana got out of the shower, Sue decided she needed one. Her trip had been long, and she was sweaty and tense. The hot water would feel nice, she thought.

Sue went into the bathroom. As soon as she did, Dave approached Giordana. "Drop the towel," he said.

"What was that, sweetie?"

"I told you to get naked."

Giordana was shocked. "Not now, Sue might walk in on us."

"I didn't give you a choice, slut." He walked up and gripped Giordana by the throat. She got incredibly horny and dropped her towel.

Dave dragged Giordana over to the couch and threw her over it, then began smacking her ass. After it was nice and red, without warning, he slammed his cock into her ass.

Giordana screamed with both pleasure and pain. She loved being used like this.

"Fuck my ass, fuck it hard. Please, more." Dave had started to finger Giordana's pussy.

"Scream more."

"Please, oh god, please, hurt me, make me your dirty little whore."

"You wanna cum for me?" asked Dave.

"Yes, I wanna cum. Am I allowed to cum?"

As she was asking, she noticed Sue had entered the room. Giordana tried to get up and hide herself, but Dave was still holding her down. He didn't stop fucking her, but he said, "Does seeing this bother you?"

"Actually," said Sue, "I'd kind of like to join."

"Oh yeah?" Dave asked. "Dom or sub?"


Which one?


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