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The Watch | punkducky | 3


You make sure everyone can see your watch by the microphone. You press the button. Everyone falls into the same trance Amy and Jack were in. You grin. You tell them, "All the girls will be so attracted to me they all want to have sex with me in and out of class. When this happens, all the teachers will carry on the lesson like nothing is happening, as well the boys. All of you" adressing the teachers,
"Will give me good marks, and never get me in trouble. When I say "Hi", all of you, including the students, will become this way. You will act as if nothing ever happened when I say "Goodbye". All Clear?"

"Yes", they all replied in one voice.

" Good now go to classes, and I will see you all later. Goodbye"

You laugh as soon as they are all gone.


Go to classes or to cheerleader practice?



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