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The Watch | punkducky | 2


You press the little button on the side. Amy and Jack, the Headmaster, both look glazed over. You read the book. I says, " Once pressed, the people you have pressed this near will be yours to control. Have fun."

You grin. Perfect. No more homework, trouble, or blames focused on you. Plus all the fun you'd ever want. You say to Jack, " Leave now and never give me punishments. You will do what ever I say when I say, "Hi." to you. You will return to your normal state when I say, "Goodbye.", and you will not remember anything that happened. You will give me good marks, and act normal even if I am having sex with a teacher or a student." Jack leaves, and you turn to Amy. You say, " You will be mine to control forever. When I say, "Hi", you will be in my control. When I say, "Goodbye", you'll forget everything that happened. Clear?"

Amy replies "Yes", in a normal voice.

You say, "Good. Now at our assembly tomorrow, you will let me speak. Right?"


" Good. Goodbye."

" I hope I made my point clear to you Eric?"

" Yes Ma'am. Can I go?"

" Yes."

Tomorrow arrives at last. You get told to go down to Amy's office. She tells you that you have been chosen as that week's speaker for the week. You grin. When you go downstairs, you...


What Do You Do? Press the button, or read the sheets?

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