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A Special Present | remfan55 | 1


I had been dating Amy for about six months when my birthday was coming up. She told me she had something very "special" planned.

Amy was an incredible redhead, tall, with average sized breasts, but cute and freckly. She looked like she'd be innocent and sweet, and behaved that way too, but she was actually wild in bed. She liked everything - anal, roleplay, BDSM, you name it, she did it.

I came to her house on my birthday, and her kid sister, Kate, greeted me. Kate looked nothing like her sister - jet black straight hair, short, seductive. And a huge chest. She was friendly to me, and there were times I thought she was coming on to me, but I was never sure. Anyway, she greeted me. "Hey, Jake. Amy will be right down." She invited me in, then went upstairs.

I waited in the living room for a while, until Amy came down, dressed in a baby blue blouse and pink skirt. I was excited to know what her special plans were, but first she took me out to dinner and a movie. We messed around a bit in the theater, but nothing unusual.

After a while, we got back to her house. She told me my special surprise would be in her room, on her bed. The anticipation had been building, especially since she had been telling me all night how much she liked it. So I climbed the stairs with her following me, opened the door, and saw in front of me the best present I had ever received.


What was the present?

          Kate, naked

          Kate, naked and bound

          Kate, nicely wrapped


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