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A Groupie Story | remfan55 | 1


Hi, my name's Samantha (Sam for short), and I'm an athletic groupie. In High School, I slept with every football and men's basketball player, and most of the women's basketball team. I'm a skinny, petite blonde, with C cup tits and a clean shaven pussy.

Now it's my first semester at college, and today is a big day for athletics. Men's basketball, women's basketball, men's soccer, and women's field hockey are all having their opening games today. I just have to decide which game to go to and who to seduce. Here are some choices:

Men's basketball

Derek - He's an enormous black center - bulky and Shaq-like. I can tell men when I see them - he'd be hard and rough, and HUGE. I love to have a thick black cock rammed into me violently.

Jim - He's a scrawny white shooting guard, and based on what I can see in him, he's probably a virgin. I love corrupting the new boys.

Men's soccer

Tony - He's the muscular white goalie. I can see in his eyes that he's very dominant sexually. And I mean in the whips and chains style. And he likes anal. There's nothing quite like a cock in your ass.

Andrew - He reminds me of my daddy.....

Women's basketball

Leah - Luckily, I have a sexy brunette sister who goes here too.

Christina - She's a submissive girl. Tall, somewhat muscular, with dark hair and medium breasts, but she'd want me to tell her what to do.

Women's field hockey (God, I love those skirts)

Kim - Short asian girl. Total slut. She'll probably be hitting on me even more than I hit on her.

Megan - The cute little redhead from a small town with a good Christian upbringing. She thinks lesbian sex is dirty. God, I want to corrupt her.


Where should I go? Who should I make a move on?

          go after Jim

          go after Derek


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