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Escape from Robotropolis | Spankalicious69 | 3


Sally pushed the button for testing grounds as hard as she could. The Elevator started going up. Okay, so she wasn't going to get off easily short of diving off a balcony without a parachute. Fine. Maybe she'd find something useful, like a weapon or energy blaster capable of penetrating the shield. Perhaps, if she were really, REALLY lucky, she could find a jetpack or exo-armor of some kind so she could get out of there without any problems at all!

"And while I'm at it, I sure could use a baby pasha and a chilidog," She thought wryly. As the elevator rolled upwards, Robotnik's voice piped through an intercom, clearly ecstatic with the chase about to happen... "Twenty seconds left... Princess..."

The doors opened, and Sally rushed out. She stopped as she reached a three-way intersection, the elevator behind her.. THere, on other two sides of her, were seemingly completely opposite worlds. On the left, behind a glass pane that said "Bio-Weapons and Plant Creatures", was a world of forests and grass and vegetation that would seem impossible in Robotropolis! She could almost smell the freshness of the plants. It made her light-headed and she felt... confused for a second. Sally almost ran that way before gaining control and deciding to check her other option.

In the other direction down a short narrow hallway, was a heavily reinforced door. What was most impressive were the words "EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONS RESEARCH - ONLY IVO ROBOTNIK MAY ENTER!!!" stamped on it. Weapons... she could use some. If it wasn't booby-trapped (Which it probably was, and knowing Robotnik, he probably rigged it with some kind of portable roboticizer or Mind Control ray), she could find something useful in there!

"What do I do now?" she thought, "I only have ten seconds left to decide where to go!"



          Bio-Weapons And Plant Research


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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