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A Search for a Mistress | remfan55 | 1


My name is Jim, and I'm a senior at college. I'm about as large and buff as they come. I play runningback for the school's football team and I'm even an amateur boxer. I'm 6'9", and I could probably bench press about 300, maybe more.

And I love it when a petite girl a third of my size takes control and tells me what to do.

I had a dominating girlfriend last year, but she was a year older than me and she graduated. Now, I need a new mistress. Many of the girls on campus look desiringly at me, but some give me a very special look, as though they know I'm submissive. They're all very small and skinny, which I love, because it makes it so much sexier when they tell me what to do, and I submit despite the fact that I could snap them in half. All four are possibilities:

First, there's Kelly. She's a cute big-breasted blonde who acts innocent but is far from it. I know her type - she'd like to tie me to her bed, fuck herself with my cock like I'm a toy for her masturbation, and then leave me without letting me cum myself. Maybe she'd even suck me a bit, taking me just to the edge, and leave me there.

Andrea is a sexy brunette. She's the kind that loves to share. She'd put me on a leash and take me to parties to please her friends.

Rachel is a gorgeous black girl. I've never been with a black girl before, but other guys have told me they can be really mean.

Then, there's my Spanish teacher, Maria. She's from Puerto Rico, and she's only about 23 years old. She would enjoy tying me to the wall, spanking me, then having her way with me.

I know all of these girls would love to have me, but the question is, which one will I give myself to?


Which one?




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