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Escape from Robotropolis | Spankalicious69 | 3


Sally hit the button that said Garbage disposal. Immediately, the elevator plunged down. Sally's plan was to sneak out with the waste, maybe on a garbage shuttle. Of course, she'd have to be careful not to get caught by the garbage droids or get herself roasted by the incinerator.

on the ride down, Robotnik crooned "Thirty seconds, Princess..." Sally swallowed and mentally steeled herself for the chase. The doors opened, and she dashed out. She gasped and dropped down as a burst of flame came out ahead of her!

After gasping for a couple seconds, she realized she wasn't in any danger - yet. The flame spurt was some feet ahead of her. She was standing on what one side of a huge pit, with no bridge across.

She looked ahead. The hallways was wide and long with a door a long ways down, maybe a half-minute's sprint. The problem was that there were panels on the side of the walls spurting flame and the floor dropped off suddenly into a pit ahead of her. There wasn't a bridge, but there was a rail way above her head that dipped down to her level across the canyon and then up again through a dark wide passage into the next room... The only way across that she could see was to climb into a large cart that had just rolled in above her and hope there weren't any flame throwers inside the cart. She could also try hanging underneath it, but if there were a flame thrower underneath it, or she lost her grip... She shuddered.

Time was awasting! She had about 10 seconds left before the bots began their chase.
Should she risk a ride across? Should she go back up and try to escape through the Testing grounds? Or wait and see if a bridge forms?




LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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