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Girlfriend and Her Friends | remfan55 | 4


", you know how I've always had my eye on Melissa's boyfriend? Not to mention Claire's and Amanda's hotties. Yummy." is almost drooling just thinking about her friends' boyfriends.

"Yeah...", you answer.

"Well, they and I have all come to an agreement. Rather than keeping our boys to ourselves, we're going to share!"

You can't believe what is saying! She's always believed in monogamy, and now she's coming back with this?

"So what's going to happen to me?"

"All sorts of things. After all, since we're sharing, we can have all the fun we want. But today, we decided that I'm giving you to Melissa, Amanda, and Claire, and while they're having their way with you, I'm getting the other three boys all at once." You see your girlfriend closing her eyes and just imagining having three boys at once. She also sees your distress.

"Oh, don't worry, ," she says. "I'm going to let you watch while they take me air tight. But, since you're the only one who we didn't talk to about it, I'm going to let you see what's in it for you, while I watch the three girls do what they want with you. You can decide afterwards if you want to make this a continuous arrangement."


What happens next with the girls?

          Accept the offer


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