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Rouge's Recruitment | Spankalicious69 | 4


It was a long, long, long trip. As a certain blue hedgehog had once said "This walking stuff sure builds up a sweat!". Still, better a long boring trip then a short one filled with laser blasts, alarms and horny sweaty guards itching to take out their frustrations on a scantily clad thief in their midst (as had happened right before the Hypno-Emerald caper). Rouge found it hard to believe that Knuckles had simply not noticed her. Perhaps he was busy with his family somewhere...

Regardless, it was now afternoon, heading towards evening, and rouge had made it. Not to the master emerald chamber, that was too well protected, and the power to rule the world didn't reside in the emerald anyways. It resided in Tikal, who lived in these mystical ruins that had been destroyed ages past. Some said it was filled with archaelogical treasures, ancient tablets and stuff like that. Rouge had ignored it all, mainly because any valuables that she could fence had been carted off long before she'd even heard of the Floating Island. There was one thing she had in mind - the temple where Chaos, and Tikal, rested. It was a large Aztec-styled pyramid that looked like it'd been smashed up and partly eroded by someone. After seeing Chaos rip through Station Square, it seemed pretty obvious who had done such a thing...

As she ascended the steps, she saw an entrance to the inside, and a strange glow... Not the joy inducing glow of her precious hypno-emerald, but it still made her treasure hunter instincts tingle. She hurried up the steps and snuck cautiously into what looked like some kind of religious chamber. In the center was a black, dilapidated emerald ("Worthless!" she thought), but also, Tikal floating in the air... She was glowing semi-transparently, her arms spread wide. She seemed to be concentrating on something...

Rouge's heart nearly stopped when Chaos simply burst out of the emerald like a typhoon. It simply looked around frantically while Tikal whispered softly to it. It seemed to calm down, but it wasn't quite asleep. Great. Now HE was up and about! Getting to Tikal and around the liquid creature was going to take some work!

Maybe she should stay back and wait to see what happens... Or maybe rush Tikal? She took the Hypnotic Emerald out of her backpack, its bright swirly colours grabbing her attentions again...




          rush Tikal!


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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