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Rouge's Recruitment | Spankalicious69 | 3


She'd go after Tikal. "Rouge, goddess of Mobius" didn't sound too bad...

Rouge thought about it some more. The biggest problem would be getting through the Floating Island's many defenses and dangers, not the least of which was the guardian himself, Knuckles. Then there was the slight matter of his father Locke, whom Rouge had tried to seduce (He was old, but still a good kisser...) to get to the master emerald once. There were still robots lurking around, some with mobile roboticizers, which meant trouble. Lest she forget, the Dingoes were still warring with the Echidnas every chance they got, and the Dark Legion had returned in full force and were determined to rule the Island. Finally, Chaos himself and Tikal. Tikal would be lured easily. Chaos, however, was a ragaholic god whose only company was a priestess echidna in a skimpy dress, and would probably not be happy when Rouge hypnotized her. Whoever caught her on the island would not be nice to her.

However, Rouge was very, very good at not getting caught.

She smirked as she began planning her trip to the ancient ruins...


Dawn broke, and with it came the sun... and a flying bat moving faster then most jet airplanes. Soundlessly, Rouge flew on, the hypno-emerald in her backpack, determined to reach her goal. There, in the distance, loomed the Floating Island.... and her wish come true, if she could get there without getting killed, captured, arrested, hypnotised or massively violated by a very angry water god with tentacles. She touched down on the edge, deciding that moving to the ancient ruins on foot would make less trouble then flying in plain view above all the flora and fauna.

Of course, she could be wrong...




          Wait a second!


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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