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A New Partner For Our Games | remfan55 | 1


I couldn’t believe it when the ad was actually answered.

Then again, I couldn’t believe it when my girlfriend first suggested the ad. We were both exhausted from a bondage session - I was on the bottom this time - and we were about to fall asleep in each other’s arms. “Mark, are you still awake?” she said to me, stroking her blond hair.

“What’s up, Diana?” I asked.

“Do you know how you used to say how exciting it would be to have someone else join us?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I was thinking….maybe we should get somebody.”

I was shocked. She was an animal in bed, but I seriously didn’t expect that. And most of our friends were completely vanilla, so I didn’t know how we could possibly find somebody.

“Like who?” I asked.

“What if we posted a personal ad online? There are lots of BDSM personals sites.”

I was hesitant at first, but the idea of having two women under my power - or controlling me - was too much to bear. Diana and I found a site and we posted this ad:

Male and Female college students - 20 and 19 respectively - seeking female for scenes of multiple orientation and interest. We do not want an emotional relationship, but a long lasting contact which will enable us to play out all possible arrangements: Male dominating both females, 1 female dominating male and other female, Male and female dominating other female, both females dominating male, etc. Must have wide range of interests, including roleplay, exhibitionism/voyeurism, etc. Disease and drug free.

Neither of us really anticipated a response. We thought we’d get on with our lives and just sort of forget about this thing, and let it live as a fantasy. Imagine our surprise when the next day, a girl from our own university responded.

We invited this girl to meet us at our apartment. Her name was Alicia. She was a beautiful black woman - tall, long dark hair, very large breasts. It was perfect, I thought - she contrasted my girlfriend’s blonde hair and blue eyes. Though I couldn’t seem to decide whose tits were perkier. Diana’s were clearly larger, but Alicia’s stood at attention, which amazed me because she the first thing she said to us was:

“I came without a bra or panties so we can get right down to it.” That surprised us a bit. Diana and I were a little nervous, not quite ready to rush into it. We examined her a bit - tight denim shorts, a black tee-shirt, and the sexiest knee-high spike heel boots I’d ever seen.

“So you’ve been into BDSM before?” Diana asked.

Alicia’s response was to open the backpack she had been carrying. We had assumed she had books in there, but in reality, it was a white leash and collar - better against her dark skin - a riding crop, a ball gag, and a few other toys.

“Well, do you want me?” she asked. How could we resist? A gorgeous woman wanted to play bondage games with us, and one who really knew what she was doing.

“Hell yes!” I said. Diana was already licking her lips. She was clearly just as turned on as I was.

“Great,” Alicia said. “What scene do you want to do first?"


What do you start off with?

          Mark knelt before Alicia


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