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Weekend In An All Girls Dorm | mysterious100 | 4


The photo is of Ellen and about 10 other cheerleaders. You can't believe how hot Ellen and her friends all look, especially in their tight uniforms and short skirts. You pour over every detail of the photo trying to decide which girl is the hottest amongst the bunch.

You must have been staring a long time because Ellen gives you a nudge.

"Huh?" you exclaim.

Ellen smiles at you, "so you like the look of my friends then?"

"They're very nice, almost as nice as you." you finally manage to say.

"I'll introduce you to some of them if you like. I've got cheerleading practice now. You can come and watch and then we can do something afterwards."

You jump at the chance, it only takes you a split second to agree.


What happens next?

          You go to cheerleading practice.


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