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Island Sex Amazons | Spankalicious69 | 3


Why resist? All I had to do was cum and I was the slave of an entire village of beautiful Ebony goddesses. I stopped playing with the queen's tit, and she pounced me. She didn't waste any time and started slamming her pussy down on my cock, making me moan. She grinned and grabbed me tightly by the shoulders. Her cunt slammed down repeatedly, making me closer and closer to cumming. She caught on that I didn't want to win and grinned.

She slid off, her breasts caressing my stomach as she rolled backwards, and started toying with me, grasping my throbbing cock in her gentle hands. She licked the tip for a while before sucking a little, and just when I was about to cum, she stopped and jerked me off lightly.

"You want to come, don't you?"

I nodded, too out of breath to say anything. She chuckled.

"Say it."

"M... Make me come."

"Make you come, what?'

"Make me come, Highness."

She grinned, and took my cock in her mouth. My eyes rolled back in my sockets as she deepthroated me. I groaned and came. She swallowed my cum, all the way down to the last drop. Licking her lips, she stood and smiled.

"You lost... You are now... OUR SLAVE!" The women cheered.



          bind me

          Choose your fate


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