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Girlfriend and Her Friends | remfan55 | 4


"I've got an idea," Claire says. "Let's tease him!"

"How do you mean?" Amanda asks.

"Well," Claire answers, "you can always tell right when a guy is about to cum, right? I say we play with right till that point, then stop for a while, and do it all over again!"

Your eyes widen with fear at Claire's mean suggestion, but you know that with your hands cuffed, there's really no way for you to get yourself to orgasm.

"Me first," says Melissa anxiously, before devouring your cock in one fast gulp. You could tell she was the expert cock-sucker of the group. And if she wasn't, wow, you couldn't wait for the others! Melissa's tongue showed expertise way better than anyone you had ever gotten head from.

pulls the car over in a dark place and watches intently. You can tell how turned on she was getting from watching another girl go down on you. You never imagined she could be like that.

You're getting so close to orgasm, and you know Melissa can tell. She pulls away from you at just the right time. Had she been down there a split second longer, you would have orgasmed hard. But she comes up, and you're left writhing in need. You struggle against your cuffs but to no avail. You roll back and forth in the seat, nearly going crazy.

"I know how we can make things worse for him," says. She then reaches over and begins to stroke Claire's face.

"Mmmmm, good idea." Claire leans over and presses her lips against 's, and they go into an incredibly passionate kiss. kisses down Claire's neck, and Claire lets out a soft moan.

She's not the only one moaning. In the seat next to you, Amanda has mostly undressed. Her sundress is off, she has no bra, and her panties are around her knees. You wonder for a moment how she got undressed so quickly, but you stop caring when you notice that her left hand is playing with a nipple, and her right is expertly working her pussy and clit. She's staring at you, eyeing your body up and down, especially your muscular chest and your dick. You know she's just doing this to add to your torture, but you can see the genuine lust in her eyes. The sight of your naked body is really getting her off. That turns you on all the more and adds to your torment.

"Girls, I can't take this! Let me cum, please!"

"Ok, we'll let you ," says Melissa. "But you'll have to do something for us, first."


comes over and straddles your lap. Her legs are wide open, and her eyes are full of lust. She places one finger on your neck, and traces it seductively down your chest, down your stomach, and stops just barely short of your dick.

"Anything?" she asks.

"Yes, whatever it is! I'll do anything to cum!"


What do they want you to do?

          Just sit there

          Play Dress-Up With Them!


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