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Girlfriend and Her Friends | remfan55 | 2


"Hey, good one, girls," you say, uncomfortably, assuming they are just kidding.

"We're quite serious ," Claire says. The other two girls are grinning with delight.

You expect to speak up, but you look forward, and she's adjusting her rear-view mirror for a better look at you.

"I'm really not comfortable with that," you say.

"What a shame," says Melissa, who has already began stroking your chest slowly. Amanda's hand is on your inner thigh.

"What are you..."

"Shhh," says Claire. That's when you notice that Melissa's hand is undoing the top button of your shirt...then the next one...then the next one.

"Hey, cut it out!" you shove her hand away.

"Awww, no fair," says Melissa.

"Yeah, he's gonna fight back," says Amanda.

reaches into the glove compartment and pulls out something you never thought anyone but the two of you would see....your pair of handcuffs.

", what are you doing?!"

She hands them back to Amanda, and although you're stronger than the girls, there are two of them, and they manage to pin your hands behind your back and cuff them.

"Now, let's see what he's hiding," Claire says.

Melissa reaches for the next button. "You sure you're ok with this, ?" she says before continuing.

"I love the idea," your girlfriend says. "Let's get him naked."

Amanda pulls your shoes off, while Melissa slowly undoes your buttons. She then slips the shirt back as far as it will go with the cuffs.

"Look at that nice, muscular chest," Amanda coos. Melissa has already begun planting sensuous kisses on your pecks.

"Let's see what else you've got," says Amanda, before undoing your jeans, then ripping your jeans and boxers off in one swipe.

"Told you he was huge," says . The girls just nod and stare at your swollen cock.


What do they do?

          Whatever they like

          Tease you



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