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Halloween in Sunnydale with Buffy and her friends | Nakur | 3


Willow figured out how to do this. She left the mental suggestion in Xanders head that he had to find Cordelia and all the other girls of her gang. After that she left his body, she had to make the girls ready for when he did. Also she made sure that Xanders sexual desires were no longer being surpressed by his soldier identity and she removed most of his moral inhibitions. Satisfied with her subtle work and what she had created she quickly left.

Not having a clue where to start looking she inhabited people left and right, to see if they had seen Cordelia recently. The sexual thoughts that accumelated in her through all these people, men and women, made her so hot she was getting a hard time concentrating. The sexual tension inside her was quickly reaching the breaking point. Absentmindedly her hands moved down to her pussy. However in her ghost presence she couldn't even touch herself. Releave wouldn't come that easily.

Then as she came around a corner she finally saw Cordelia stand in the middle of the road, looking upset because her friends were acting very very strange. Willow had invaded so many teenagers mind, all of whom had fantasies of this girl, that she couldn't help but look at Cordelia and think she was hot. Especially in the thight catoutfit that Sunnydales populair princess was wearing. Willow couldn't control herself any longer, the outfit was really getting to her.

Quickly a hot and bothered Willow invaded Cordelia's sexy body and went to work in her mind. Most of what Willow found in there was what she had expected from the bubblehead she knew and not really loved. Still there were some surprises in there that snapped Willow temporarily out of her state of extreme hornyness. It seemed Cordelia had some erotic thoughts about Angel. 'Maybe something to show to Buffy' thought Willow. But even more a surprise to her were the thoughts about Xander that Cordelia had. For a minute she thought it were her own fantasies about the boy she loved, but it was unmistakeble Cordelia's thoughts that went in detail about fucking the boy she treated so badly on so many occasions.

Lost in these fantasies it all finally became to much for Willow. She led Cordelia's hand to her pussy and dipped her fingers in that place, so many of Sunnydale's men and quite a number of Sunnydales female had dreamt about. Her sexual powers had now gotten so strong that the first contact with Cordelia's clit made her knees buckle. Pussyjuice started running over her hand immediately. Exploring the depts of Cordelia's innerfolds, Willow went over all the fantasies she had come across this evening. She had started to remove Cordelia's catoutfit, her beautiful full tits were allready naked, the cold wind was playing with her nipples. Her sexual extasy was rising to unimagened limits but she was still a ways from the release she needed. This was more than a one person job. Way more. Still furiously rubbing Cordelia's pussy right there on the street, she started to look around for some help.


Who does she find to service her needs?




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