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Chased by girls | mysterious100 | 1


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It is a warm spring day. You are dressed in a pair of shorts, T-shirt and pair of shoes (no underwear). You are standing at the edge of a forest on a private estate about to be chased by groups of women for money.

Your name is . You are a student at a local college. You were having money problems. You mentioned this to your friend and how you might have to drop out of the course if you didn't find a solution. She mentioned this extreme chase that she takes part in. Groups of women chase one guy and each time they catch him they strip him of one item of clothing. She said they always need new guys as targets and that you would get paid £5000 for your participation. You agreed because you really really needed the cash.

The groups of women chasing you today each have 4 members. They all have name tags on. The first group are college girls including . They each have a blue ribbon on their arm to signify they are the blue team. The 2nd group of women are the red team. They are in their mid to late twenties. The final group wearing green ribbons are all 18 year old high school girls.

One of the women begins addressing you. ", you will be given a 10 minute head start to run and hide in the forest. The chase will last 6 hours. Each time you are caught you must remove an item of clothing and give it to the team that has caught you. You also have to perform a sexual favour for them. You will then be given 5 minutes to run and hide again. If by the end of the 6 hours, you have lost all your clothing and are caught a further time, you will have to stay at the house for the rest of the weekend and be a sex slave to the final group of women that catches you. You will also only get £1000 of your prize money. If you have any clothing left at the end of 6 hours or you evade capture while naked you will receive your full prize money of £5000 and can go home."

"This is your last chance to back out. Are you happy with that?"

You hesitate but eventually nod.

"OK , you have 10 minutes starting from now." She says and then blows her whistle.

You quickly begin running...


What happens next?

          You hide

          Sprint out for a good distance, and then hide.

          You run

          You are outmanoeuvred


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