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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 15


"See?" Gina giggles, caressing your stalk in the palm of her hand. The skin of your cock is stretched taut now, stretched to the limit by the thoughts of her last suggestion. "More for both of us to love!"

You watch as reaches for your cock, as if it was an offering on a plate, or a free sample at the supermarket.

She looks to Gina, then to you, and smiles, stroking the jerking meat with the tips of her fingers.

You close your eyes for a moment, savoring the feeling, silently saying thanks for your supreme good luck. You reopen them again, in time to see lean forward on her knees and insert the head of your cock between her open lips. You watch Gina lean forward, too. Her wet red hair tickles the remaining exposed length of your cockshaft as she dips down further, sticking her tongue out to swab your newly hairless ballsac. This action causes you to lurch further forward, further burying your cockhead inside the warm cave of the blonde's mouth.

You groan as the two work together now to lave your sex with their hot pink tongues. keeps her mouth open, tickling the crown of your cockhead with her working tongue as Gina wraps her lips around the furrowed flesh of your scrotum, sucking at it.

You hear the murmurs of the crowd of schoolgirls behind the two girls before you. They all step closer for a better look. vaccuums your cockshaft now as well, closing her lips around it, making an airtight seal.

The naked Phys. Ed. class, your childhood chum on her knees before you with your new best friend are too much to take for long. Try as you might, you know you will not be able to hold out much longer.

"Girls.. girls.." you mutter softly. "You gotta ease up before I explode!"

Your warning only seems to encourage them. You even feel a stray finger tease between your tensed asscheeks. looks you in the eyes as she hollows her cheeks as she sucks more intensely. Gina slurps noisily on your balls.

"Please, girls! Not here!" you implore. The class surrounds the three of you now.

"How 'bout here, then?" Gina asks after she pulls her mouth from around your scrotum. She presses her face against 's, gently extricating your pulsing cock from her leeching mouth.

The sight of the two smiling teens cheek to cheek is too much for you. Splat after splat of cum erupts from the eye of your purple cockhead.

Gina guides your cock as if she were holding a firehose, making sure all their 'hot spots' are covered.

You groan loudly as your creamy white jizz splatters their blemish-free countenances and hangs in the strands of their hair. It rolls off their foreheads, drips off their noses and coats their lips. And just when you think you've seen it all, the two turn to face each other and begin to lick at the cumdregs on the other's face.

You hear at least two of your classmates mutter "Oh my God!" as the two lovingly cleanse each other. No one seems to leave though.

Your shaky legs give out, your knees buckling as you slip to the floor before them. This only serves to give you an even better view of their lesbian kisses.

You're not sure how much time has passed when Miss Silverton barks from outside the assembled onlookers.


What does Miss Silverton do?

          Tries to get it out of your system


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