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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 14


"It seems like there is enough there for two, Gina," you hear your friend say as the redhead looks up to , her mouth still full of your hard cock.

You watch Gina gently ease off your hardon, her warm spittle dripping off of it as your throbbing prick once again sees daylight. She flashes the blonde standing by her a winsome smile.

eases to her knees beside the two of you. You are not sure what to expect and wait in anticipation. You see her hand go to Gina's face.

affectionately brushes a wet strand of Gina's hair away from her cute face.

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch out there," your childhood friend tells the buxom coed still holding your cock. "It's just when I saw how eager you were to shave .." she flashes a sly glance to you. "..I thought we wouldn't be razor buddies anymore!"

'Razor buddies?' you wonder. Things are getting more confusing as they go along.

"Oh nonsense, ! We always will be! And I'm sure won't mind if we share him!" answers Gina with an affectionate smile to you both.

There are giggles from the still-watching crowd as your cock stretches longer at those last words.


What do the girls have in mind?

          Lip service


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